Deal or No Deal is set to return to UK TV screens as it gets an ITV reboot hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

The hit show originally aired on Channel 4, hosted by Noel Edmonds for 11 years, before it was cancelled in 2016.

However, Deal or No Deal and the famous banker are being brought back by ITV.

A TV insider told The Sun: “Deal or No Deal is such a strong format you don’t want to go fiddling with it.

“It’s pretty much the same. The boxes are back, the banker is back and the 22 players.

"The only difference is Stephen, which gives it a fresh feel.

“Deal Or No Deal was absolutely huge back in the day and pulled in millions of viewers.

“ITV think there is still a huge appetite for it and think they could make a huge success of the show if they brought it back."

Stephen Mulhern has spoken previously about his interest in hosting a relaunched Deal or No Deal, describing it as “one of the best game shows ever”.

He said: “Are they talking about it? The answer is yes.

“Would I love to host it? Yes, without fail. It’s one of the best game shows ever created.”

The show is expected to return in a similar format, with 22 numbered boxes being assigned to 22 contestants at the start of each show.

Each box contains a cash amount between 1p and £250,000.

The contestant chosen to play will then open five boxes and reveal five amounts that aren’t in their box, at which point they will receive an offer for their box from the banker and answer one simple question, deal or no deal?

If they accept the banker’s offer that money is theirs, and they will continue to play to see if they could have done better.

If they refuse they will open another three boxes, before another offer comes from the banker.

The process continues until there are two boxes left, when the contestant will either keep the cash amount in their box, or accept the banker’s final offer before discovering how much they had in their box.