UK drivers are being warned that following TikTok driving hacks could land them fines this winter.

Learner driver insurer Veygo is warning young drivers of TikTok Driving Hacks that could result in them having their licenses revoked.

TikTok has become a hub for Hacks on anything from home décor to money saving tips, with young people increasingly using the app as a search engine.

And this extends to learning to drive, with the hashtags #CarHacks #DrivingHacks having accumulated more than 1.6 billion views.

Bournemouth Echo:

James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo, said: “TikTok is a great platform for young or new drivers, with lots of helpful resources to help you gain confidence on the road – from theory test tips to fuel saving hacks. But there are some popular TikTok tips that could hinder rather than help you. 

"Some of these risky #DrivingHacks might tempt drivers to cut corners to save money, modify your car, or cut down journey time but could actually land you in hot water – from damaging your car to flouting Highway Code rules. 

“We’ve found that following some of these hacks could find you facing fines of up to £5,000, penalty points, or even get your licence revoked.

“We’d urge new or learner drivers, in particular, to be extra cautious – as your licence can be cancelled if you get six or more penalty points within two years of passing your test.

“You can still enjoy TikTok hacks, but we’d urge all drivers to exercise caution and always check with an official source – like the website or the DVSA – to make sure any tips and tricks are safe and legal before trying them yourself.”

Selfish driving can land you fines up to £5,000

A TikTok #drivinghack with 16.5k views is encouraging drivers to flout the Highway Code rules by not signalling properly to overtake or avoid traffic.

Although not illegal, drivers who do not indicate when manoeuvring could be at risks of fines up to £5,000 with 3 to 9 points on their licence, this applies for learner drivers too who can get points on their licence before even passing their test.

Motorists who do not signal before changing lanes or exiting a roundabout could confuse others on the road, if this caused an accident you could be accused of ‘Careless Driving’, an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Fines of £90 or more for avoiding parking fines with fraudulent fake ‘breakdown’ hack 

Another TikTok trend is encouraging drivers to deceive traffic wardens by pretending their car has broken down in order to dodge parking fines.  

But this is a risky tactic, as any car owner caught out could face a possible visit to court for fraudulent claims under the Fraud Act and may even risk jail time.

Even if drivers don’t face fraud charges, they could be left with a more expensive bill by the time the issue is resolved - fines paid within the first 14 days tend to be less than £50, while waiting longer could cost up to £90.

DIY tinted windows could mean up to £100 fine

Car enthusiasts have been lapping up the latest car modification trend with 6 million views, using maple syrup and charcoal toothpaste to blackout the windscreen and front windows. 

But following this hack puts drivers at risk of hefty fines up to £100 and a possible 3 points on their licence, as UK rules require that front and side windows let in more than 70% of light through front side windows, and 75% through the windscreen. 

Swapping your wipers for water repellent could see you fined up to £1,000

TikTokers have been highlighting water repellent as a savvy alternative to wipers to keep water off their windscreens during the winter months.

Although the repellent will help keep some of the rain off your car, it cannot guarantee you clear vision of the road ahead. Veygo are warning drivers that it is not a reliable alternative to windscreen wipers. 

If drivers are found to have an unclear view of the road ahead, they could be at risk of fines up to £1,000, possible disqualification and three penalty points.