POOLE’s residents remain divided on a Christmas tree which has been erected – more than 10 years after it received criticism. 

Cast your mind back 13 years ago and you may remember attempts to be festive in Falkland Square flopped. 

In 2009, the-then Borough of Poole received national criticism for its Christmas tree which looked too like a cone. 

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The 33-foot tree, which cost the council £14,000, was promptly taken down and sold – much to the relief of residents. 

Bournemouth Echo: Does it still look like a cone?Does it still look like a cone? (Image: Daily Echo)

In its place this year is a new tree, called Falkland Square Deep Sea Tree, and we asked residents in Falkland Square, next to the Dolphin shopping centre, what they thought of it. 

Kris, from Upton, said she didn’t like it. “It’s too straight and it doesn’t look natural enough,” she said. 

“There needs to be branches and inconsistencies to make it look real. This one doesn’t look real.” 

Susan, from Poole, added: “It’s very pointy. It doesn’t look as good as what is in Bournemouth. But then again, the towns haven’t been the same since the councils merged.” 

Bournemouth Echo: The now infamous tree of 2009The now infamous tree of 2009 (Image: Daily Echo)

Another woman added the tree “still looks like a cone”. 

Not everybody was critical of the tree, though. 

Rosemary, Ali and Jane loved it so much they took a photograph in front of it. 

Rosemary said: “I think it’s beautiful and they have done a very good job this year. 

“I’d say it’s in keeping with the Poole theme as well and I think this year’s is the biggest one yet, too.” 

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Meanwhile Poole resident Barbara said the tree looks “lovely”, adding: “It isn’t over the top and there aren’t too many lights on it. 

“I’m happy with it but I can see why others might not be.” 

The tree in Falkland Square is the start of BCP Council’s Poole Christmas Maritime Light Festival - touted as Poole’s answer to Bournemouth’s popular Christmas Tree Wonderland attraction. 

Falkland Square Deep Sea Tree stands 11 metres tall and joins many other Christmas-themed light attractions linking Poole town centre with Twin Sails Bridge, Hunger Hill and Lighthouse. 

Light installations including a 120-metre ‘under the sea’ light curtain, a giant anchor and a five-metre tall ship have also been installed.

What do you think of this year's Christmas tree in Poole? Let us know.