Demand for air fryers has soared by 3000% in a year as people are looking for ways to offset soaring fuel bills this winter.

The cooking gadget is able to cook a wide variety of food and has been found to be significantly more cost-efficient than cookers.

With brands such as Aldi releasing air fryers that are selling out in hours, just about everyone is on the hunt for an affordable fryer.

With that in mind, here are some of the best air fryer deals available now.

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Aldi’s air fryer

Aldi’s air fryer broke the internet on its release on Sunday and sold out in no time at all. However, while it may be sold out online the sought-after kitchen gadget will be sold in stores on November 13.

It comes with two baskets and costs just £89.99.

ao air fryer

This Tower air fryer is just £79.99 on the ao website. It has a 3.2kg capacity and has a temperature adjuster between 80 and 200 degrees.

Curry’s air fryer

This LOGIK air fryer from Curry’s is only £39.99. It only has a capacity of 1.2kg, but a perfect size when cooking for one.

Bournemouth Echo: Demand for air fryers has soared by 3000% iDemand for air fryers has soared by 3000% i (Image: PA)

It has a removable basket and the parts are dishwasher friendly, making for an easy clean.

Nisbets air fryer

This Caterlite air fryer comes with a 3L basket capacity and 4L tray capacity, perfect for cooking larger amounts of food.

It has a stylish design boasting a screen control panel and better yet, it costs just £57.58.

Argos air fryer

This Vortex air fryer has been reduced to £75 on Argos. It has a 3.8L capacity and boasts intuitive turn food (reminds you to turn food to ensure the best cooking) and dishwasher-friendly parts.

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