FOX Cafe in Redhill Bournemouth has been closed for the winter.

An employee confirmed that the cafe had been closed today by the council.

The council said it made the decision to close the site due to usage levels.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “Fox Café at Redhill remained open over the winter period last year, however based on the usage level information gathered during this trial, we have chosen to close the cafe for the 2022/2023 winter season.

“As per our standard operating arrangements, the paddling pool closed at the end of the season in September. No changes to long term operating arrangements have been made.”

Cafe regular Elena said: "I spoke to all the people that use the park and theyre all very shocked because clearly you go there, you've got the playground for the kids so you can stop there for a drink, its so handy to have the cafe and I really don't understand why they would be closing.

"I guess it's because of money issues but every time I've been there theres always been people especially elderly people who are on their walk and they stop there."

The Fox Cafe is owned and operated by BCP Council, Fox Cafe is part of the Park Cafes family. Money spent at the cafe is put towards improving the local parks.

Both the café space and service kiosk are fully accessible, with level entrances and queueing areas.

Flat, tarmacked paths lead through Redhill park up to the entrance of the café.