One of the nation's favourite snacks is the iconic and scrumptious Gregg's sausage roll. 

With its golden flakey pastry and tasty sausage meat, the savoury snack is a must-have for many.

But regularly buying the snack can result in it being a costly spend over time, especially after the price rise of the baked good.

But now there's a way to make the British classic quick and easy using the fashionable and smart Air fryer. 

The tool has become a staple in many households thanks to energy-efficient and money-saving techniques. 

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And now a Tiktoker has revealed the secret recipe on how to make the Greggs sausage roll using just an air fryer and even better, they take just 15 minutes. 

The user Becky Excell, shared how simple it is to make the yummy snack cheaply and quickly.

How to make a sausage roll in just 15 minutes using an air fryer

In Becky's TikTok she shares the four ingredients you need to make the snack that she claims tastes better than Greggs

Using just a few sausages, the shop brought puff pastry, mustard and an egg to glaze. 

In the video, she starts by skinning the sausage and removing the meat before rolling the pastry and cutting it in half. 

After making two long rectangles with the pastry, she spreads some mustard down the middle of both sides. 

Then add the sausage meat and encase the meat with the pastry before crimping the sides using a fork to make sure the meat stays in place.

She then brushes the egg yolk on top and scores the pastry, making them ready to be cooked in the air fryer. 

With the air fryer at 200C, the sausage rolls are baked for 12-14 minutes until they're golden and steaming hot. 

Try the recipe out yourself and see how they compare to the iconic Greggs sausage roll.