ABORTION campaigners Sister Supporter has said it is ‘very glad’ the British Pregnancy Advice Service (BPAS) has committed to provide women’s services in the area.

BPAS announced last week it would be selling its Bournemouth abortion clinic, just days after a buffer zone was approved to protect the facility's users from abuse and harassment.

The British Pregnancy Advice Service who run the clinic in Ophir Road said the building is being sold as part of ‘organisational-wide changes’ and they would be looking for a new site in Dorset.

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In a statement about the sale, a spokesperson for BPAS and NHS Dorset said: “As part of organisational-wide changes, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, BPAS, has recently taken the decision to list their Bournemouth clinic building for sale.

“We would like to provide reassurance that BPAS will continue to provide care for the women of Dorset and other local areas during this process. BPAS and commissioners are working together to identify a replacement site in the county.

“Services will continue to be provided from the current clinic until a new site is established."

Some residents raised concerns on social media that the move could leave a gap in provision for women in the area.

Addressing the commitment made by BPAS to continue its services, Jess from Sister Supporter said: “We're very glad that BPAS has renewed its commitment to provide the local community with vital women's health services when they move from their existing site on Ophir Road.

“After so many dedicated Sister Supporter volunteers fought alongside the community to protect the clinic from harassment, we're disappointed that the buffer zone won't automatically apply at the new location. But we're so proud of our campaign.

“Our work helped elevate this crisis of abusive behaviour to the national stage, increasing awareness, and even reaching Parliament where it was referenced in the debate on a new 'national buffer zone'.

“We're going to carry on campaigning for this to be made law as part of the Public Order Bill, so that every abortion clinic, and every woman who chooses to use them, will be protected.”