The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued an update on missing cost-of-living payments.

Many on disability benefits who were due to receive a £150 cost of living uplift in September have been left without the payment.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis expressed his concern over the missing payments.

Mr Lewis tweeted: "I know there are some who should've got their £150 disability cost of living payment who have not received it.

“We're trying to get answers from DWP about why this has happened and most importantly how people notify them and ensure they get it - yet answers are slow coming back."

The one-off payment was due to be paid into accounts automatically in the weeks following September 20.

However, many still haven’t received the boost.

DWP update on £150 cost of living payment

A DWP spokesman said: "The vast majority of the six million people who were eligible for the Disability Cost of Living Payment were paid by the end of September.

“We have continued to manually process payments where the automatic payment bounced back or was not processed, which could be for a number of reasons.

“These people make up a tiny fraction of overall cases and will be paid as soon as possible.

"People who believe they are eligible and haven’t received the payment yet can complete the missing payment form on GOV.UK.

“People who aren’t eligible will have this confirmed to them via a letter following the completion and processing of the missing payment form.

“Those people who are subsequently deemed to be eligible for the Disability Cost of Living Payment will receive a letter confirming eligibility and be paid in due course."

How to report a missing payment

If you think you should have had the £150 payment, but you cannot see it in your bank, building society or credit union account, you can report a missing Cost of Living Payment.

In order to report a missing payment, you will need your National Insurance number.

You can report your missing payment here.