ITV has announced a major change to its social media ahead of the launch of its new streaming service. 

The broadcaster told viewers to prepare for the "UK’s freshest new streaming service" in a Twitter post on Monday, October 3.

The channel informed viewers that from this week, the familiar ITV2 Twitter account would be getting a serious name change.

It comes after ITV revealed in March that it was launching the "first integrated advertising and subscription funded platform" called ITVX. 

In the social media post on Monday, ITV wrote: "Hello ITV2 Fans!

"We have some news. Due to the imminent launch of the UK's freshest streaming service, ITVX, we are streamlining our social channels.

"This means that the @ITV2 page will soon become @ITVX."

The broadcaster reassured viewers that the "ITV channels aren't going anywhere" and that viewers don't need to do anything in order to access their top programmes.

It added: "We're just putting the best content from all of your favourite shows in one place. 

"You can also follow us on @ITV."

Some users have been left a little confused by the announcement as they asked the channel why they simply don't make another social media account for the streaming service.

One person asked:" Why not just create a new @ITVX instead of hijacking this feed?"

A second viewer added: "Erm why? Itv2 is still a channel, what’s the point of this"

While a third user quizzed: "Will @itvhub be merged too?"

When does ITV's new streaming platform ITVX launch?

ITV2's social media will become ITVX from October 7 but as the broadcaster streamlines its accounts ahead of the launch of ITVX, it is unclear what will happen to the rest of its social media output. 

The broadcaster teased that the launch of its new platform was "imminent" and Variety has reported that it will go live as soon as November.

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What is ITV's new streaming platform ITVX?

Viewers will be able to watch thousands of hours worth of programmes for free with adverts on ITV's first integrated streaming service.

However, there will also be a subscription tier that provides all that content ad-free and in addition, provides thousands more hours of British boxsets from BritBox and other partners’ content.

ITVX will also be used to premiere much of ITV's new content, which will then be broadcast on linear TV months later.

Carolyn McCall, ITV’s Chief Executive said: "The digital acceleration we are announcing today builds on everything we have achieved in phase one of our More Than TV strategy. 

“We are supercharging our streaming business, fundamentally shifting our focus to think digital first, as well as optimising our broadcast channels, by continuing to attract unrivalled mass audiences. 

"In doing so we are responding to changing viewing habits, but also the evolving needs from our advertisers.  This will enable ITV to continue to be both commercial viewers and advertisers’ first choice.”

Read more about what kind of content will be on ITVX and what we know so far.