Ninja has been forced to issue a warning to shoppers amid an “unprecedented surge” in the popularity of air fryers.

Air fryers have become the must-have kitchen gadget in recent months with Ninja being among the most popular brands as people rush to replace their ovens as energy bills continue to rise.

Ninja products are selling out fast as would-be air fryer users struggle to get their hands on the latest kitchen craze.

But as supply struggles to keep up with demand the company has been forced to issue a warning to shoppers due to fraudsters.

Eagle-eyed shoppers have been looking around at discount prices online people rushing to Facebook money-saving groups to warn others of scams. 

One shopper warned in the Reduce Your Supermarket Spend Facebook group: "Be very careful. I bought one from a scam website. Going to have to try and sort with my bank."

A spokesperson for Ninja said: “Following an unprecedented surge in demand for Ninja products, particularly our Air Fryers, we have become aware of a rise in fraudulent websites appearing to offer our products at greatly reduced prices.

“We would recommend any new or existing customers only purchase goods through the official Ninja website ( or via a reputable retail partner to ensure you receive our 5 star rated products as ordered.”