A PETITION calling for BCP Council leader Drew Mellor and deputy leader Phil Broadhead to step down, has surpassed the 2,000 signatures needed to be taken to full council.

Resident Ian Lawrence started the petition to illustrate how many people have no confidence in the BCP Council leadership.

He cites a number of reasons for this including: ‘Council wrong doings, lack of openness and transparency, wasteful spending and going against voters wishes'.

Now the petition has achieved over 2,000 signatures, Ian said he hopes to use it to trigger a council debate.

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He said: “It's time for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council leader councillor Drew Mellor and deputy leader councillor Phil Broadhead to step down when levelling up secretary MP Greg Clark says “it's not right that some councils abuse a loophole to do dodgy deals which only benefit consultancy and accountancy firms".

“This includes trying to pawn beach huts for £50+ million to cover the council's overspending.

“The council's iconic city skyline priority is costing millions we cannot afford or want and threatens conflicts of interest for some directors.

“Spend our money wisely on the needy - like the failing children's services - not the leadership’s ego schemes.

“Every week brings yet another scandal reported in the press, making BCP Council a national laughing stock because of its lack of transparency or accountability.

“We council tax payers have lost all confidence in BCP Council's leader and deputy and we call on them to resign now.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We haven’t received a copy of the petition as yet but when/if this is received, it would then be dealt with in accordance with the procedures set out within the council's constitution (Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution (Page 4-44 Para 12.6)), which can be viewed here: https://democracy.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/documents/s34077/Part%204%20-%20Procedure%20Rules.pdf

“Anyone who lives, works or studies in our area may sign or organise a petition and trigger a response from the Council. An electronic petition system is available on our website.

“The required criteria and guidance on submitting a petition is also available online and may be viewed here: https://democracy.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/mgEPetitionListDisplay.aspx?bcr=1

“Our rules and procedures mean that the council will acknowledge receipt of a petition within 10 working days and set out what it plans to do with the petition.

“Information on this process is also available in the online guidance document in the first paragraph above.”

To view the petition visit: https://chng.it/dkm4BGmn