CHRISTCHURCH residents have been admiring a new piece of artwork that has appeared in the town.

A stunning mural of a greyhound has been painted on the outside of a house on Millhams Street, and it has already grabbed the attention of passers-by.

The painting is by the owner of the house, Anna Sims, and it is her greyhound, Charity, that can be seen painted on the wall.

Anna said: “I was looking at the front of the house and thought, why not have Charity on there.

“I spent three days doing it, and the comments from people were lovely.

"People have since been constantly knocking on our door asking to take photos of it and saying lovely complimentary things. It's so nice to bring a bit of joy into people’s lives."

Bournemouth Echo: The painting of Charity, Anna's greyhoundThe painting of Charity, Anna's greyhound

Anna lives with her husband Lally, a well-known wood sculptor, and both artists have become well known in the town.

Their home of thirty years has been described as a 'hub of creativity', with paintings and sculptures displayed throughout the interior, and a cabin art studio at the top of the garden.

The painting of Charity was the latest addition to the Millhams Street property.

Lally said: “When I’m working in the kitchen, I see people stand and take pictures.”

Anna said: “Some dogs bark at it, but Charity doesn’t even look at it.”

A glimpse of the greyhound may not be enough for some residents, and so on August 28, Anna and Larry will be opening their art studio to visitors.

Bournemouth Echo: Charity, the inspiration behind the greyhound on the wall.Charity, the inspiration behind the greyhound on the wall.

It is one of a number of regular open days hosted by the couple, and is an impressive insight into their work. 

Anna said: “When people come for the garden, and they see inside, they sometimes stand there with tears in their eyes. It’s brought so much pleasure to people.”

But it isn't just the public the artists have been noticed by; Anne was recently shortlisted Sir John Hurt Art Prize and Lally has had work shared on television, and at the Royal Academy in London.

Anne also hosts art classes on a regular basis, giving people a chance at drawing, oil painting, pastels and water colours.

For more information about art classes, or visits to the art studio, email Anna at