Dorset Police received reports of dogging in Dorchester during a 12-hour Tweetathon providing live updates on calls being received by the force.

At 7.49pm on Friday, August 5 they received a 101 call reporting a “suspicious male who jumped out of a bush, entered a van with another male, then exited again before proceeding back into the woods in Dorchester - believed to be dogging.”

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The incident was one of 450 dealt with Dorset Police over the twelve hours (running from 3pm on Friday until 3am on Saturday) with the event aimed at highlighting the volume of calls being dealt with by the call-room.

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick, said: “The Tweetathon is not only a good way of sharing information about contacting the police, it also shows a side to the work of Dorset Police that many people don’t get to see – the work that goes on behind the scenes 24/7 to keep us all safe."