DORSET Police have given an insight into the calls they receive during a real-time 12 hour Tweetathon on Friday night.

The event from Dorset Police's control room, ran from 3pm on Friday, August 5 until 3am on Saturday, August 6.

It was aimed at highlighting the significant and varied demand placed on the police on a daily basis, especially during busy summers.

When the event finished, a spokesperson for Dorset police tweeted: "Over the past 12 hours we’ve dealt with 450 incidents including 250 calls via 999 and a very busy evening for 101."

We have picked out some of the stand out calls from serious incidents to the weird and wonderful.

999 - Report of a 7-year-old swearing at elderly people and threatening another child with a screw. The boy has also exposed himself from the front door of the property. #ControlRoomLIVE

101 - Female reporting that she has been assaulted at a swimming pool over a disagreement regarding swimming lane boundaries. #ControlRoomLIVE

Radio - Man witnessed taking a poo in the street by CCTV operators in Weymouth (we also saw it too). Officers attended and gave him an order to leave the area. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Abandoned 999 call, person reporting having had their genitals cut off by their father. Believed to be young people abusing the 999 service - checks being made against the number for potential offences and safeguarding. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Youths on roofs in town centre, being abusive to officers #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Burglary of a cat by ex-partner and subsequent breach of bail conditions. #ControlRoomLIVE

Radio - Door security have detained a man after ripping a female's finger nail off at a nightclub in Bournemouth. Officers on scene. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Reports of ex partner smashing flat up and locking caller in kitchen. Officers at scene. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Woman reporting social services to the police for telling her she might get less benefits next month. She was not happy when being told this was not a police matter. Advice given. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Aggressive shoplifter has kicked over a plant while being detained by staff. She has now left the store. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Report of a group of young people who have jumped in a woman's pool and thrown hate related abuse at her. They have also previously shot a slingshot at the victim's windows. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Call from an elderly female to report her daughter/carer as missing. The daughter was safe and well as she was at an eye appointment. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Report of a man kicking a door and making threats to shoot. Male has been arrested by officers on scene. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Domestic disturbance in progress, woman heard to scream loudly. Officers en route. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Road rage. Family were throwing bottles of water to one another and left one on the ground for a moment. A male has taken exception to this and threatened to ram them off the road while hurling abuse. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Woman refusing to leave a pub in Poole and spitting in peoples faces, officers en route. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Report of a man who has smoked cannabis before driving a vehicle. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Youths causing a disturbance which has triggered a supermarket in Poole to use their panic alarm. #ControlRoomLIVE

101 - Reporting theft of an iPad from an ex partner. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Domestic disturbance in progress, woman heard to scream loudly. Officers en route. #ControlRoomLIVE

999 - Accidental dial by a child playing with a parent's phone - 3rd time since 4pm! #ControlRoomLIVE