A GENEROUS policeman boosted morale amongst Yellow Buses drivers yesterday, as he went round offering sweets and chocolates. 

PCSO Carl of Bournemouth Police was out on the beat on Thursday, the final day of operation for historic bus company Yellow Buses. 

As drivers faced redundancy, Carl went round “putting smiles on faces” of drivers and staff at Yellow Buses by handing out sweets and chocolates. 

Carl also revealed he used to work for Yellow Buses and was even on the back of the buses for some time. 

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Bournemouth Echo: Carl on the back of a Yellow Buses some years agoCarl on the back of a Yellow Buses some years ago

PCSO Carl said: “My good deed for today was to try and put a smile on as many Yellow Buses drivers and staff as possible by popping onto buses to give them some sweets or chocolate of their choice. 

“I have known many of the drivers since I was a child, so it's been a tough day that's for sure. It made my day drivers beeping their horns at me, pulling over and running over to give me a hug bless them. 

Bournemouth Echo: PCSO CarlPCSO Carl

“Yellow Buses have been a big part of my life, I worked for them and I was also one of the faces of Yellow Buses for many years!  

“To everyone I know at Yellow Buses: I'm thinking of you all during these tough times.”