If you've ever wondered how good your hearing is and are curious to find out the exact answer, then look no further. 

As now a new viral TikTok test claims it can determine your hearing age by just using a simple sound. 

As we get older the highest frequency we are able to audibly detect decreases which means that our hearing age can be estimated by the frequency we are able to hear.

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The test was created on TikTok by fitness coach Justin Agustin who in the video writes "this test will determine how old your hearing is."

As frequency increases the age decreases and whenever you stop hearing the high-pitched frequency that is your hearing age. 

With text in the TikTok saying: “When you can’t hear the sound anymore, that’s your hearing age.”

What's your hearing age? Try out the TikTok test: 

@justin_agustin I found a more accurate hearing test than my previous one. How old is your hearing? Cr: @jarred jermaine for this test #hearingtest #earagetest #hearingloss #health #sound #healthtok ♬ original sound - Justin Agustin

Currently, the video has more than 14 million views with more than 400,000 likes on TikTok

Many viewers that tried out the test for themselves have shared their results, with one user saying: "I got 47 at 21 LMAO".

Whilst another wrote "61- it's like around half deaf, I'm not even a adult yet."

Try out the test for yourself and find out what your hearing age really is.