TWO CLASSIC British cars are up for auction this month – and they’re not what you think they are. 

A 1950s Morgan Plus 4 and a 1960s Austin J40 are to be sold at Charterhouse Auction in Sherborne, but they are both pedal cars. 

The Morgan, constructed some 70 years ago, is painted in racing blue and has been stored in a garage for many years and is in desperate need of restoring. 

Restoration for the pedal car is estimated to be around £500 to £800. 

Bournemouth Echo: Austin J40 pedal car to be auctioned off this SeptemberAustin J40 pedal car to be auctioned off this September

The Austin J40 pedal car, one of 32,098 models made before production ceased in 1971, is one of the most popular pedal cars ever produced.  

There is even a race at The Goodwood Revival called the Settrington Cup where aspiring racing drivers pedal away in their Austin J40s to win a trophy. 

Estimated at £1,000 to £1,500, this racy red Austin is ready to take to the track or just down the road. 

Richard Bromell of Charterhouse Auction said: “So much of what we do is about nostalgia and these pedal cars are all about nostalgia. 

“The cars will appeal not only to collectors of toys and classic cars but also to kids, or rather their parents and grandparents who will need to pay for the cars, who fancy pedalling down the road.”  

Both pedal cars will be auctioned off at the Charterhouse Specialist Auction of Automobilia on Thursday, 29 September.