A discontinued 1990s Cadbury bar has returned to stores after being spotted in bargain retailer B&M for £1.

The returning treat is Cadbury Astros, boxes of biscuit bites coated in yummy chocolate

The product was removed from sale back in 1997 but continued to be sold in other countries including South Africa. 

But now they seem to be popping back up across UK stores with popular brand B&M spotted to be selling them. 

The news was shared on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK where shoppers wrote: "Guess what I came across in B&M today, I was like a big kid.

"Childhood nostalgia. Wrong label on shelf but scanned at £1.00 a box which is 40g. Not sure who remembers these from the 90s."

Whilst others shared how much they loved the chocolate treat as child saying: 

"I loved these as a kid, I remember when they first came out".

Another fan of the sweet said that they loved them so much they would use their bus money:  "I used to spend my bus money on these and have to walk home from high school. I loved them so much."