THE use of temporary stands for Poole's Diamond Jubilee meeting was ruled out because of the cost.

They were erected around the corners of the track during the 2004 World Team Cup Final to provide 2,200 extra seats.

But that was because the organisers of the meeting, Benfield Sports International, picked up most of the tab.

Health and safety regulations have restricted the capacity to 5,500 for the Diamond Jubilee.

Castle Cover Pirates are the sole promoters of the meeting on March 9, when 16 of the world's top riders compete for a top prize of £60,000.

Poole chief Matt Ford said: "Many people have asked me why we are not erecting temporary stands again. The simple answer is that it costs too much.

"There was a really high cost for it in 2004 although BSI felt it was affordable at £28,000.

"They were the organisers of the meeting and paid for most of it. We'd love to be able to erect them again, but it is just not feasible with a total of £75,000 prize money at stake."