I WRITE to highlight the unbelievable proposal to build a surf lagoon at Brocks Pine.

You cannot be serious. This is brazen case of mineral extraction by the back door by buying off the council with nice trinkets and ‘pieces of eight’.

The council have been plotting this disaster for months and is probably a done deal regardless of the public opinion. The scheme involves the destruction of a day nursery and play park.

A park which has been built up and developed by a dedicated number of volunteers over years of hard work.

All the area is to be flattened and grassed over including all the gardens containing rare bee orchids.

This area is next to SSSI, a conservation area of great importance which prohibits the building of dwellings adjacent to it.

In the article it states there will be glamping which means the site will operate 24/7not as stated.

With glamping come people with animals free to roam in the SSSI, extra foot fall and a danger of fires.

There is then the issue of tens of thousands of visitors coming by car via a road system that is total inadequate now without thousands of extra cars.

This will make life hell for people in the local area and cause traffic mayhem for people trying to travel to and from the Poole direction.

If the sand and gravel was to be removed,, then the site would have to be reinstated at a cost to the contractor, so this scheme must be of cost benefit to Whites.

If the land is of no use for farming rewild it and add it to the SSSI.

Would the success of this scheme open the flood gates for a developer with enough ‘pieces of eight’ be given permission to build houses next to the Lagoon site?

I urge all who believe in conservation and prevention of the brazen buying off councils to voice their opinions loudly before the Friday, July 8.


Albert Rd, Ferndown