HE is officially the fastest comic in the world – but ahead of International Joke Day on Friday, he is preparing to make people laugh without telling a single gag.

Clive St James Greenaway and his wife Jackie are promising “the most fun workout you will ever have” when they invite people to try laughter yoga.

Clive is a Tommy Cooper impersonator and Magic Circle member, and for eight years has retained his status as the fastest comedian on the planet – having entered the Guinness World Records by squeezing 26 jokes into a minute.

But laughter yoga involves no jokes at all. Instead, Clive and Jackie take people through exercises that involve breathing, stretching and the infectiousness of laughter.

He says laughter causes the brain to release the “natural drugs” that make us feel better – chiefly serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.

“You’ve got them all in there just waiting to be released,” said the Poole entertainer.

Laughter, he says, is a natural painkiller, helps you heal faster, strengthens the immune system, helps lower your blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Laughter can also help combat depression, he says – a lesson he learned early in life.

“My mum suffered with really chronic depression quite badly. I found that when she watched Tommy Cooper and laughed at that, it would ease the mood.

“Later in life, I found the reason is sadness and laughter can’t exist in the same place,” said Clive, who has performed his Tommy Cooper tribute act for the comedian’s daughter and in front of devoted fan Sir Anthony Hopkins.

“That’s how the Tommy Cooper thing really started. I was doing Tommy when I was four or five. I used to do Tommy Cooper impressions to make my mum feel better,” he added.

“Somewhere along the line that became part of me and it’s why I ended up being the fastest comedian in the world.”

Clive and Jackie offer laughter yoga at Westbourne Conservative Club on Thursday, July 7, 3-5pm, in return for a £3 donation to charity. Visit clivestjames.co.uk or email info@clivestjames.co.uk

The event is being sponsored by Dr Manish Chitnis of Dental Concepts in Canford Cliffs.