A 10-YEAR-OLD girl from Poole is on a mission to warn people on the importance of not littering, after seeing wildlife tangled in a fishing line.

Lily was alerted to the dangers of littering after witnessing two cygnets tangled up in a fishing line in Creekmoor pond.  

Thankfully, the cygnets were rescued by water bailiff Keith Humphries.

Now Lily is on a mission to make the world a better and safer place for our local wildlife. 

As well as creating a poster to educate the public on why not to litter, she has also bought some litter picking equipment as part of the Litter Free Dorset Challenge. 

Lily said: “I just wanted to do something practical to help protect the wildlife and encourage people to do the same.” 

Creekmoor councillor Judes Butt praised Lily and said: "Lily is an inspiration. She recognised that people fishing needed to be reminded to be careful and just went straight ahead and made sure that would happen.  

“I was delighted be asked to print the posters and laminate them. 

“Four large posters have now been put up around the ponds.” 

Lily is now looking forward to doing some litter picks around the lakes and help protect the wildlife.