A BUS chief has called for the number of cars carrying small numbers of people to be restricted from Sandbanks following heavy delays on the weekend.

Sandbanks experienced gridlock traffic on the weekend after people descended on the beach to make the most of the good weather.

And Morebus general manager Richard Wade said there wasn’t enough room on Sandbanks for the number of vehicles using it.

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He said: “We have, over a number of years, suffered with severe delays at Sandbanks on particularly busy days, which mainly relates to the car park exit gaining priority over traffic coming off the ferry. We have voiced our concerns to BCP Council who have listened and deployed personnel to assist with traffic management. 

“Unfortunately, we have had the added problem in recent weeks with the roadworks at the Shore Road/Haven Road junction. We realise these are essential and unexpected.

“This added problem exacerbated our delays on Friday (June 17) evening in particular and caused significant problems for bus passengers on board buses and waiting for subsequent journeys that were delayed as a result of buses being stuck in gridlock. 

“I’d like to thank people for their patience and we also must commend my colleagues who worked significant additional hours because of this.

“The shape of Sandbanks presents a fairly obvious problem. There isn’t enough room for the number of vehicles presently using it.

“We can transport large numbers of people at once on our buses, so we’re asking for the number of cars carrying small numbers of people be restricted at busy times so that everyone has a chance to keep moving.”

Last summer, BCP Council closed Shore Road when traffic levels became unmanageable, a move praised by local residents.

And a council spokesperson said this was a move that could be deployed again.

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The spokesperson said: “The beautiful weather and world-class reputation of the beach attracted many visitors to the Sandbanks area over the weekend.

“We know when it’s going to get busy and have a detailed traffic management strategy in place to help handle any influx of visitors.

“This includes monitoring the car parks and using the many electronic signs on approach roads to advise drivers when car parks are full and direct them to alternatives.

“Ahead of this weekend we also encouraged visitors to check our Beach App, to provide them with live information about car park occupancy and beach busyness.

“Closing roads is not done lightly, but is a potential move that is built into our summer readiness planning.

“We are also in regular contact with key stakeholders such as the bus companies, local utilities companies working nearby, the Sandbanks ferry company and the Sandbanks community group to review how and when we might deploy any closures.”