DRIVERS are being hit by ever rising fuel prices.

Figures from data firm Experian show the average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts reached a new high of 185.0p on Sunday.

The average price of diesel was 190.9p per litre.

The RAC said a further cut in duty this week would be “very welcome, albeit overdue”.

Last week, the Daily Echo asked readers to tell us where they had seen the most expensive fuel in Dorset.

Many also gave their views on the soaring prices and said what it means for them.

Here’s what they said:

  1. 197.9p at Holdenhurst Road shell. Tesco and Asda are the only places still just in £1.60's
  2. It’s ridiculous. I’m a domiciliary carer and have to drive all day, we just can’t make ends meet at the moment with the price of fuel rising. We are low paid workers as it is. The government really need to look into it and help the people out there that have to travel everyday!
  3. When we all stopped buying fuel at the beginning of the first lockdown it dropped down to less than a £1 per litre. Goes to show that it doesn’t need to be as high as it is and these companies as well as the government who tax the fuel enormously are just profiteering.
  4. Been making a note of diesel when fuel of how much prices increased

11/3/22 diesel 164.7 asda candford heath

20/3/22 diesel 173.9 texaco Longham

29/3/22 diesel 170.7 asda canford heath

13/4/22 diesel 171.9 BP by Poole hospital

4/5/22 diesel 173.7 asda canford heath

18/5/22 diesel 176.7 asda canford heath

6/6/22 diesel 181.7 asda canford heath

Dread to think how much more going to be soon.

  1. Hayes lane, Colehill. 197.9 for petrol. 1.95.9 for diesel. It’s not very busy on the forecourt!
  2. 206.9p for E5 at Shell in Springbourne on Sunday.
  3. Just paid 189.9 a ltr at Tesco at Ferndown, its about time the government review the amount if duty they take per litre.
  4. 189.9 per ltr for diesel at a Tesco at Ferndown and Texaco at Bearcross 191.9 per ltr for diesel.
  5. £1.85 Christchurch, Barrack Road
  6. The Esso garage on Ringwood Road is 1.81 for unleaded
  7. Need to go to Bath Road in Bournemouth there is £188.9
  8. 1.69 at Asda Canford Heath this morning (unleaded) and saw 1.82 in Wool.
  9. Shell garage on Leigh Road in Wimborne was 191.9p for petrol