The boss of Bournemouth Airport slammed plans for a neighbouring school's field, saying the proposal was 'misleading and deficient".

The plans for Parkfield School's field were rejected by BCP Council recently.

Parkfield School, which is based in the former NATS air traffic control centre, at Bournemouth Airport applied to BCP Council for permission to use a field opposite the school as a playing field.

The school, which is based on the access road to the airport, currently has no on-site access to green outdoor space.

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Bournemouth Echo: Parkfield School in ChristchurchParkfield School in Christchurch

The school wanted permission to use the agricultural field over the road during the hours of 9am to 3pm during term time.

They were also asking for a new entrance gate to provide safe access from the school site to the playing field.

Pupils would have to cross the access road to the airport to get to the field.

Objections were received from Hurn Parish Council and Bournemouth Airport.

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Bournemouth Echo: Parkfield School siteParkfield School site

Steve Gill, managing director of Bournemouth Airport said in an objection that despite them being neighbours for the school, they were only made aware of the application via "word of mouth".

He criticised the application as "incomplete, deficient and misleading in a number of important respects."

In a letter of objection he stated: "The Airport access road is a private road. The rights over this road are specifically for the benefit of the former NATS site.

"There is no safe means of crossing the airport access road, there being no footway, formal crossing point, adequate street lighting for a crossing or warning signage.

"We are aware that the school already uses a 'crossing guard' on the airport access road to help with the movement of traffic in and out of the school gates.

"While BIAL have not sought to prevent this it is not allowed and speak to existing concerns around vehicle movements and potential pedestrian conflicts which would only be exacerbated by the proposal."

Hurn Parish Council said: "Councillors are very concerned about the safety of children crossing the road to use the playing field.

"This is the access road to the airport and employment sites and in usual circumstances heavily used.

"Immediately beyond the entrance to the school is a sign "For your own safety no pedestrian access."

"Drivers will not be expecting to see children crossing the road."

A report from the planning officer rejecting the proposal said: "The proposal fails to demonstrate that safe access can be provided for the development and that the proposals would not lead to unacceptable highway safety impacts."