DRIVERS have been warned they could face a £1,000 fine or have their vehicles towed if they flout parking restrictions on a busy road in Purbeck.

A crackdown on illegal parking is taking place in Ferry Road in Studland in a bid to ensure access for emergency services, buses and motorists.

Restrictions to keep the carriageway clear in both directions in Ferry Road for a distance of 3.6km came into force on April 9 and will remain in place until midnight on Monday, November 22.

A Temporary Traffic Management Order (TMO) by Dorset Council reads: “This order is required to prevent illegal parking on the carriageway to ensure that access is maintained for emergency service vehicles, service buses and the travelling public, and for the safety of all highway users.”

The restrictions apply to the section of carriageway between the single yellow lines in Ferry Road between a point 50 metres south of the vehicle access to Knoll House Hotel, Studland and approximately 125 metres south of the toll booths at Shell Bay.

A public notice says: “This clearly will run in conjunction with the existing permanent Controlled Parking Zone Order, which prohibits waiting on the carriageway and verges in the area between the hours of midnight and 06.30hrs.

"Any vehicle waiting in contravention of any restriction imposed by this order may be removed under the provisions of the Removal and Disposal of Vehicle Regulations 1986.”

It adds: “The new clearway restrictions will also be in conjunction with the existing permanent No Waiting between 10am and 7pm, between 15 March and 30 September restrictions where they overlap on Ferry Road, Studland.”