A FISH and chip shop owner in Ferndown has dreamed up an innovative way of expanding his business. 

Tom North, co-owner of Karsberg Fish & Chips in Turbary Road, came up with the idea to add an ice cream parlour to a disused area of the shop. 

Tom and his business partner Phil Karsberg decided to bring gelato ice cream – which is made of fresh milk and cream and often uses Oreos, Buenos and Biscoff – to Ferndown.

Tom said: “We decided to do this because we saw there was a gap in the market. 

“There are no ice cream parlours in Ferndown, so it’s very difficult if you want to get decent ice cream and waffles.

“We had some space in the shop that used to be an old sitting area which nobody really used.

Bournemouth Echo: The ice cream on offer includes mint, Biscoff and OreoThe ice cream on offer includes mint, Biscoff and Oreo

“With summer coming up, we decided to fit in an ice cream parlour and now we do desserts. 

“We buy our ice cream from a small local business.”  

Tom, who is just 23-years-old, set up the ice cream parlour using his own money and fitted everything with the help of his dad. 

Karsberg also has a drive-through where you can collect your fish and chip – and yes, some ice cream, too. 

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He added: “It’s important to diversify fish and chip shops. We do well in our fish and chip shop anyway, we are a busy shop.

“The rise in the cost of everything has affected the business, but this idea was just to add on the side.”

Despite ice cream being prone to melting, Tom offered a tip on how to transport it home. He said if you wrap it in tin foil and put it in the cool box, it should last the journey home.

Bournemouth Echo: Karsberg's Fish and Chip shop in Ferndown, just off Ringwood RoadKarsberg's Fish and Chip shop in Ferndown, just off Ringwood Road

The shop officially opened its parlour on Friday, June 3 which Tom described as “mental”, adding: “It was really hard and really stressful, but we had a huge turnout. I was pleasantly shocked.” 

Looking into the future, Tom hopes to get Deliveroo and Just Eat on board to deliver the ice cream to customers.