I AM curious as to why the police locally do not enforce the law regarding exhaust noise and the pollution resulting from the ridiculous adaptations on cars in this area.

Apparently it has become ‘the thing to do’ to replace the manufacturer’s exhaust system with one that is producing the most noise possible, then thrash up and down Shore Road and Haven Road endlessly circling the area making as much of a nuisance as possible.

I fail to see the point myself, but after inquiring as to the emissions issue I am told that the offending vehicle has the original exhaust system refitted prior to the car’s MOT, this way is passes the noise and emissions levels, only for the illegally adapted system to put back on so the owner can then entertain himself circling Sandbanks in the evening for whatever reason.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps recently announced the use of noise detection cameras because the problem is becoming more prevalent, but surely the existing laws are sufficient for the police to deal with this mindless behaviour before the expensive installation of more cameras.

Why not patrol those areas occasionally, maybe on foot?

Note down the offending vehicles registration number and perhaps check the car at a later date to see if it conforms. It seems the amount of organisations complaining about pollution in general is growing exponentially, sometimes these people are making intrusive protests where it is difficult to avoid pollution due to our way of life.

They may be appeased in the knowledge that where deliberate pollution has become a fashion that our law enforcement agencies are helping to contain it.

ROY LEADER Haven Road, Poole