I UNDERSTAND the idea of not cutting areas where there are flowers growing so bees etc can be around but just to leave the long untidy grass in green areas in Muscliff and other places makes it look untidy and neglected.

Especially when it starts dying off.

The staff work hard to keep it all up together and I met a very polite council worker who finished off our cul-de-sac for us.

My thanks go to him.

In amongst the long grass is found all manner of things just chucked away and for those of us who respect our area and some litter pickers find it very hard to keep it tidy, so please Bournemouth council take a look and see what a mess long grass causes with rubbish and with dog toiletries hard to pick up.

We keep our gardens neat and tidy and would appreciate the council doing the same with the green areas.

It’s ok into the countryside, but the housing area looks much better short and neat.


Tytherley Green, Muscliff