Crash casino games are the latest innovation in online gambling, and they’re taking the industry by storm. With crash games, the amount you win all depends on when you decide to cash out. 

You’ll start by placing a bet and then the game begins. The longer you wait, the more money you stand to win based on your original bet. But wait too long, and the game will “crash”, meaning you lose both your stake and potential winnings. Crash games have so far been closely connected to the world of cryptocurrency, and you can normally place your bets in crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

This is a general outline, but there are all kinds of variations within the overall crash structure. And we’re going to get into all of them on this page. 

For now, you’re not likely to find too many crash games at regular online casinos,or designed by traditional casino software providers like Microgaming or NetEnt. But there are plenty of trustworthy crash gambling sites out there, offering the latest crash games to players in the UK and around the world. 

If you’re looking for the best crash games on the internet right now, look no further. We’ve got the definitive list of our top 10 crash games right here, as well as a guide on how to play each one. 

Plus, we’ve got lots more details on how crash games work in general, tips, strategies, and much, much more.

Our Top 10 Crash Gambling Games

  1. Crash (BetFury)
  2. JetX
  3. Aviator
  4. Chicken 
  5. Rollercoaster
  6. Bustabit
  7. Ethercrash
  8. Lucky Jet
  9. Crash (NanoGames)


What Are Crash Gambling Games and How Do They Work?

Crash games are a type of online gambling game where a multiplier gradually increases, up until the moment it “crashes”, and the game ends. You place your bet at the start of each round, and can cash out at any point. The longer you wait, the more you stand to win. If you don’t cash out before the crash, you lose your stake and any potential winnings.

The basic format of crash games is consistent, but they come in all varieties and themes. For example, the multiplier might be visually represented in the form of simply a counter or a line on a graph - not dissimilar to trading software. But it can equally be represented by anything from an airplane climbing higher in the sky, or a car speeding around a track. 

There are even pick’em style crash games, where you can reveal different symbols while trying to avoid the one that causes the crash. 

You’ll get a better sense of the different formats in our list below. 

Crash games are all about deciding how far you want to push your luck before cashing out. The crash can occur at any time and is impossible to predict, meaning crash games are truly random. 

Crash gameplay makes extensive use of both auto-betting and auto-cashing out features. It means you can easily set your limits in advance, and let the auto-software do the work for you. It also helps you stick to your strategy, and avoid simply betting and randomly deciding when to cash out each time. 

Crash games originated in crypto and blockchain casinos. The format of the games - investing an initial stake or base bet and trying to cash out at the optimal time for maximum profit - mimics the concept of trading on currency markets. It’s like an accelerated version of investing in cryptocurrency.

The most popular crash games can be played for a variety of cryptocurrencies - BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. 

Crash Gambling Game Strategy

Bournemouth Echo:

Successfully winning at crash games is all about trying to wait until the last possible moment to cash out, to win the most money before the crash. How can we reliably do this? In short, we can’t.

The timing of the crash is totally random, and impossible to predict. Whether you win or not is all down to chance. 

Just like other types of casino games, crash games always have an in-built advantage in favour of the casino - known as the house edge. It means that over the long run, casinos always come out on top, and nothing you can do will tip the odds in your favour.

Does that mean you can’t still hit short term wins? Absolutely not. 

Online gambling is all about having fun and, if you get lucky, winning some money. Just like other casino games, there’s no magic formula to win at crash games. Instead, enjoy them for what they are and play responsibly. 

Crash Gambling Games vs Online Slots

Crash games share some similarities with online slots and other traditional casino games, but there are also some differences. 

Although lots of online casinos these days let you make deposits and withdrawals to your account via cryptocurrency, crash games take it even further by letting you bet directly using crypto. 

Traditional casino games and crash games are fundamentally similar in that they are games of risk. They both have a fixed house edge associated with every game, and no strategy is going to change it or tilt the odds in your favour. 

Nevertheless, it feels like you have more control when playing a crash game compared with an online slot. With a slot, you simply place your bet and spin the reels to see if you win. Crash games involve deciding when you should cash out, meaning your input doesn’t end when the game begins. 

Still, it’s important to appreciate that you can’t predict when a game is going to crash, or influence it using any kind of strategy. Just like slots, or online blackjack or roulette, the results are randomly determined.

Crash games are often multiplayer, making them more of a social experience than traditional games. Lots of people can gamble on the same game at once, and you can even see when other players have decided to cash out and even chat to them in real time. 

Top 10 Crash Gambling Games

Crash (BetFury)
Bournemouth Echo:

Crash is an inhouse game created by BetFury, a crypto casino and iGaming platform that even has its own bespoke crypto known as the BFG Token. 

Crash follows the classic crash game format, with the multiplier in this case represented by a racoon riding a rocket. As the rocket prepares to take off, you place your bets. Once it’s airborne you can cash out at any time, before it explodes in a puff of smoke and you lose your stake. 

The graphics at Crash are good, with a simple but attractive cartoonish style including shooting stars in the background as the rocket gains height. 

The autoplay options are excellent too: heavily customizable so you can create multiple bets at once, choose to stop on a specific profit or loss, or choose to stop based on a percentage profit or loss. It gives you a lot of control over how you want to play. 


Bournemouth Echo:

JetX is all about seeing how far you can fly before everything comes crashing down. The game begins with a jet plane preparing to take off. You can place up to two bets, with a minimum bet of £0.10 and generally a max of £300. Those limits can vary depending on the casino, as can the currency.

You can set both auto-bet and auto-cashout buttons if you want, or you can do everything manually. With JetX, an unlimited number of players can play at once, and you’ll see all the other active players’ names at the side. 

Once the bets are in, the plane takes off. As it rises, the multiplier steadily grows. You can cash out your bets at any point while the plane is still airborne, but when it explodes without warning you lose everything.

JetX does crash gaming very well. It’s simple to understand and beginner friendly, with fun retro graphics. There’s also a potential progressive jackpot up for grabs, which every player shares in when it gets randomly triggered. 


Bournemouth Echo:

Aviator shares a similar format to JetX. Once again, the multiplier curve is represented by a plane flying through the air, and the aim is to cash out before it flies away off screen. The graphics are considerably more basic, and the game looks as much like a regular graph as any kind of flight simulator. 

Again, you can make multiple bets and use automatic buttons, and see other players' bets in real time as well as the recent history of the games. 

Where JetX stands out is with the social side. This feels like a game designed for social casinos, and there is a live chat box where you can exchange messages with other players in real time. Every now and again special promos get added into the chat, which you can claim and use as free bets.

From a software perspective, Aviator feels pretty basic. But its simplicity - and social side of things - is very appealing too. 


Chicken is a bit of variation in the format of crash games which you’ll find at MyStake Casino. It’s a bit of a re-imagining of classic minesweeper type games, where you slowly uncover hidden symbols while trying to avoid the mines - or in this case, the crash-inducing bones. 

The game proceeds with 25 symbols hidden behind silver platters. Each hidden symbol is either a chicken (which is a multiplier) or a bone (which means the game crashes). Before a round begins, you need to choose how much you want to bet as well as how many bones you want in play. 

The fewer bones you choose the less likely you are to crash but choosing more means the multipliers get bigger. 

Once you’ve made your bets, the game begins. You click on a platter to reveal the symbol behind it. If it’s a chicken, you earn a multiplier and you have two options. You can cash out your winnings right there, or reveal another symbol. The game continues until you either cash out or hit a bone. 

Chicken feels less pressurized than most crash games, since there’s no time limit to make decisions. You can choose whether to continue in your own time after every symbol is revealed, and the game will feel familiar to anyone who’s played a “pick’em” style bonus game on an online slot. 


You can find Rollercoaster at Rollbit Casino, a crypto casino founded in 2020 and something of a recent pioneer in crash style games. Rollercoaster introduces a new element to the format: rather than the multiplier only rising until it crashes, the value can both rise and fall, and it’s up to you to bet on where it’s going to go next. 

Rollercoaster was designed to simulate the experience of financial trading, only with much higher volatility in a short space of time. 

The game runs at all times, and you can jump in and bet whenever you want. A simulated currency resets to 1,000 every 24 hours. From that point, an RNG determines whether the value goes up or down continuously, just like real life financial markets. 

You can choose whether you want to bet the price will go up or down. Once your bet is locked in you can choose when you want to cash out, either for a profit or a loss. There’s also an in-built “bust price”, and if the stock hits that you lose your bet. 

Rollercoaster charges a 5% premium on all winning bets, and has a fixed RTP of 97.5% - which is pretty good for an online casino game. 


Bustabit is very simple, with an enjoyably retro 8-bit aesthetic and a premium placed on social interaction. Bets are exclusively accepted in Bitcoin, and you can play on Bustabit’s own website. 

Similar to other crash games, you simply place your bet and watch the multiplier grow until it crashes. In this case there isn’t any proxy for the multiplier, like a plane or a rollercoaster. Instead, you’re just looking at a figure increasing which can go bust at any time. 

With Bustabit, the majority of real estate on the screen is taken up by both the chat box and the stats showing other players’ bets. There are counters showing how many people are online at any time, as well as how many people are playing and how much is being bet. There are even different channels available for different languages. 

If you want to keep things as simple as possible and make some new virtual friends along the way, Bustabit is the game for you. 


Ethercrash is exactly the same format as Bustabit, only with Ethereum instead of Bitcoin. It’s hosted on its own separate website, and the layout of the game is more or less exactly the same.

If you're an ETH person instead of BTC, choose Ethercrash.

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet was created by Gaming Corps and is available on the 1Win platform. It is very much in the mode of Aviator, with a character with a jetpack (Lucky Joe) replacing the plane. However it also feels like a more modern update, and has also been mobile optimized so you can play using whatever type of device you want.

The interface lets you place two bets simultaneously, including using automated settings. Once your bets are placed, Lucky Joe takes to the sky and the multiplier begins. The game crashes once he flies away, and a new round begins, 

Lucky Jet has a chat box which can be either visible or minimized during the game, depending on whether you want to use it. You can see all the other bets in real time, via the panel at the side of the screen. 

Crash (NanoGames)

NanoGames’ Crash edition is another game which keeps things as simple as possible, and promotes the social side of crash games. Better still, it has an excellent house edge of just 1%, meaning 99% of all bets wind up getting paid back out

The multiplier curve is a simple line on a graph, and you can see all the active bets on the list of participants at the side of the screen. Any time someone cashes out, it appears on the graph alongside their name - which is a nice touch. 

Crash also supports Contests and Battles, where players compete against each other directly to see who doesn’t go bust first. It’s a fun addition to the game, and adds an extra element to see who’s going to blink first. is a crash game that has pushed the boat out to come up with a more engaging theme than simply a line graph. In this case, you need to decide how much you’re going to pay to board a rocket before it takes off. After take off, you can “bail out” at any time, taking the multiplier with you. 

The higher the rocket climbs, the greater the multiplier - but a crash is just around the corner at any moment.’s 3D graphics are great, more like something from an early Pixar movie than an online game. The whole screen shakes when the rocket takes off or explodes, and the way your character parachutes away with your winnings after you bail out looks great too. 


Crash Games FAQ

What are Crash Gambling Games?

Crash games are simple online gambling games involving an increasing multiplier. The amount you win depends on when you decide to cash out of the game. If the crash point occurs before you cash out, you lose your original investment and any potential winnings. 

Crash games are partly inspired by the trading markets, particularly trading cryptocurrency. 

What Currencies Can I Bet In?

It depends on the casino, but you can typically find crash games that accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional Fiat currency. The crypto options include Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron, EOS and many more.

Are Crash Games Fair?

Yes, as long as you are playing on reputable crash betting sites. Legit crypto casinos get their scripts and RNG software independently verified by testing labs, just like regular online casinos. Crash games normally have competitive RTPs between 97-99%.

Can I Predict When the Game is Going to Crash?

No. The game is totally random. Nothing you can do can affect the game, either through betting patterns or studying previous results. 

How Can I Beat Crash Games?

Sadly, there is no full-proof way to win at crash games. Just like other casino games, the results of crash games are totally random with a small house edge in favour of the casino. Strategies can help you manage your bankroll, but not improve your chances of winning. 

How Does Auto-Play Work in Crash Gambling Games?

It varies a little depending on the game, but auto-play software in crash games means you can set the game up to play out without needing to manually choose when to cash out. It helps you manage your betting, as well as cap both your wins and losses. 

Can I Chat to Other Players?

Yes! Crash games are naturally social, and many casinos have chat boxes that let you communicate with other players in real time. 

Can I Play Crash Games on Mobile?

Yes, most crash games are mobile optimized so you can play via iPhone or Android as well as on your laptop.