A global photography competition has revealed 15 stunning landscapes, including one from the UK.

To highlight unique and picturesque environments from across the globe, CEWE has released a collection of new images from its own photography competition – the largest in the word.

A picture of Durdle Door in Dorset, along with 14 other snaps were submitted in last year’s competition, which was open to everyone from keen amateur photographers to established professionals.

Entrants were asked to submit photos celebrating the ‘Our World is Beautiful’ theme. There were 10 categories for budding photographers to enter – from aerial shots and animals to landscapes, travel and culture.

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CEWE Photo Award 2022

This year, the CEWE Photo Award will be returning for a fifth year, where photographers across the globe will once again be able to submit entries across each of the categories highlighting the true beauty of the world around us.

Below, are the 15 favourite submissions from last year’s landscape category.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Jacek Pacholyczyk/CEWEPicture: Jacek Pacholyczyk/CEWE

Dog in the forest – a collection of trees form a poodle looking image from an aerial perspective, by Jacek Pacholyczyk, taken in Dolny Śląsk, Poland.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Julio Castro Pardo/CEWEPicture: Julio Castro Pardo/CEWE

The white waves – the starry sky creates a wave of light above, photographed by Julio Castro Pardo in Hilldale, Utah.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Giovanni Azzi/CEWEPicture: Giovanni Azzi/CEWE

Frozen – a crisp wintery view of a lake surrounded by mountains, captured by Giovanni Azzi, taken in Hopen, Norway.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Matic Zizek/CEWEPicture: Matic Zizek/CEWE

Shine our little star – the purple starry night sky settles over a forest creating a picturesque scene, by Matic Zizek, taken in Rogla, Slovenia.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Felix Roser/CEWEPicture: Felix Roser/CEWE

Catch me if you can – a break in the clouds reveals mountains covered with snow, photographed by Felix Roser, taken in Mount Rainier, USA.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Michael Kutscher/CEWEPicture: Michael Kutscher/CEWE

The Blowhole – crystal blue water descends into a rocky pool as the sun sets on another day, by Michael Kutscher, taken in El Bufadero, Spain.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Giovanni Corona/CEWEPicture: Giovanni Corona/CEWE

Stellar-eye cave – the magical night sky comes to life through the opening in a cave, captured by Giovanni Corona, taken in Fertilia, Italy.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Roland Thomann/CEWEPicture: Roland Thomann/CEWE

Silence – the sun sets on another day in paradise as a lone traveler takes in the view, photographed by Roland Thomann in Aarhus, Denmark.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Manh Ngoc Nguyen/CEWEPicture: Manh Ngoc Nguyen/CEWE

In the Melaleuca forest – a rower travels down the river between the trees captured by Manh Ngoc Nguyen, taken in Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Marvin Zirkelback/CEWEPicture: Marvin Zirkelback/CEWE

Durdle Door – a bright and sunny morning at the coast as the sea meets the shore, photographed by Marvin Zirkelback, taken in Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Joel Burnic/CEWEPicture: Joel Burnic/CEWE

Lighthouse – a lighthouse shines brightly in the distance lighting up the night sky, photographed by Joel Burnic, taken in Formentor, Mallorca.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Nicole Schwamb/CEWEPicture: Nicole Schwamb/CEWE

Mount Rainier – a mountain rests on top of a sea of green trees, with its reflection caught in the crisp blue water, by Nicole Schwamb, taken in Washington, USA.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Wolfgang Hansen/CEWEPicture: Wolfgang Hansen/CEWE

Swallowing mountains – the pastel-coloured sky and sea shines a light on two rowers as they head in-between mountains, captured by Wolfgang Hansen, taken in Lake Louise, Canada.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Damir Rajle/CEWEPicture: Damir Rajle/CEWE

The road to fall – a picture perfect autumnal scene is set with red leaves and orange trees, photographed by Damir Rajle, taken in Velika, Croatia.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture: Nicolai Bruegger/CEWEPicture: Nicolai Bruegger/CEWE

The Watchers – a man stands on top of a mountain to look down on a town at night captured by Nicolai Bruegger, taken in Füsse, Germany.

A photo expert at CEWE UK, said: “The landscapes category really emphasises the overall theme of the CEWE Photo Award – that our world is beautiful.

“The stunning scenes really do leave you in awe at the wonderful world we live in. From water and trees to the sky and snow – it’s amazing how picturesque the world is.

“We’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s entries to the CEWE Photo Award and are looking forward to celebrating the 5th year of the competition soon.”

For more information, visit the CEWE Photo Award website.