LARGE bicycle symbols have been painted in the middle of lanes on a main road through Boscombe following a recent resurfacing project.

BCP Council explained the reason for the decision to place these sizeable road markings on the A35 Christchurch Road involved encouraging cyclists to take "prominent" positions so other motorists can see them.

The busy route was closed for several weeks from late February to late March for the road to be resurfaced. 

During this time the council also added new large bicycle markings in the middle of both lanes of the road between Browning Avenue and the Christchurch Road roundabout.

Bournemouth Echo: A35 Christchurch Road with the new road markingsA35 Christchurch Road with the new road markings

Similar markings have been placed along the A35 Commercial Road in Ashley Cross, Poole, near the traffic light junction with Parr Street.

Following enquiries about the purpose of the large symbols, a BCP Council spokesperson said: "We recently undertook carriageway resurfacing in Christchurch Road at Boscombe and we have widened the cycle lanes in line with current standards and made them mandatory where possible.

"The road markings highlighted are there to encourage cyclists to take a prominent position in the lane so therefore make them more visible to other motorists.

"These have been added where the existing width of the carriageway between constrictions is between 3.2m-3.9m."

Bournemouth Echo: The A35 Christchurch Road near the Christchurch Road RoundaboutThe A35 Christchurch Road near the Christchurch Road Roundabout

When asked whether the same bicycle markings are being used elsewhere, the council spokesperson said: "There used to be two cycle symbols near Heathcote Road, we now have eleven in four different locations.

"We don’t anticipate using these same markings widely."

The Daily Echo contacted BH Active Travel for the group's thoughts on the road markings.