A WOMAN was stopped by police for driving with one arm in a sling while smoking and having the front passenger change gears for her.

Dorset Police No Excuse officers on patrol on Tuesday, May 11, asked “what could possibly go wrong?” when reporting on an incident involving a woman driving with an injured arm.

The woman’s front seat passenger was reportedly changing gears for her while she drove with one arm in a sling and her other hand holding a cigarette.

Reacting to the No Excuse road safety team’s social media post about the incident, residents expressed their shock with one person asking “who in their right mind thinks this is ok?”.

Also reported were several other motorists for a range of driving offences.

Bournemouth Echo: Motorbike stopped by No Excuse officers. Picture: Dorset Police No ExcuseMotorbike stopped by No Excuse officers. Picture: Dorset Police No Excuse

The rider of a grey and red motorbike was stopped after they had no driving licence, displayed no L plates, had no insurance and no tax. The bike was seized and the rider reported to court.

Another rider, meanwhile, was issued a fixed penalty after being spotted ignoring some keep left bollards when overtaking traffic.

Finally, officers said the occupants of a red Nissan Juke “weren't very pleased to be relieved of their car” after it was found the vehicle had no MOT since March and no tax since October last year. The driver reported to the DVLA and issued a fixed penalty.