It's the seaside attraction which has taken Sandbanks by storm.

Saltwater Sauna, a Finnish wood-fire sauna with stunning views of Sandbanks beach, has seen visitors flocking to the wooden shack since last year.

I visited on a sunny May morning, just early enough to avoid the swarms of beachgoers turning up to catch some rays.

The Saltwater Sauna can be found just off the sand with steps down to the beach, the idea being that you can move freely between the cold sea and the hot sauna.

This was exactly the aim of Arlene Lukkarinen and her partner Sam Glyn-Jones, who introduced the seaside attraction last year following years of fascination with cold water swimming.

Bournemouth Echo:

On arrival to the Saltwater Sauna, I was welcomed by Daisy, a student who works part time there to help Arlene. She ran through its rules and suggested how we could make the best use of our time.

Although the sauna seats up to eight people, and is definitely spacious enough to do so, I enjoyed the tranquillity of a 30-minute private hire slot. 

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After adjusting to the initial heat, my eyes went straight to the sauna’s panoramic window that opened it to stunning beach views.

I enjoyed sitting peacefully and watching the crashing waves as I felt like my body began rid itself of toxins. It was a quiet morning, and so tucked away in the hut really felt like I was the only person on the beach.

Bournemouth Echo:

A water bucket was placed in the corner of a room which Daisy suggested I slowly pour over the wood-fire to create steam.

She was also on hand with a selection of oils that could be added to the water to flood the sauna with fragrance. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Forest’ sauna scent, a strong smell of nature that cleared the sinuses.

After a ten-minute relax, I braved the sea for a dip. The water felt freezing, but it was the perfect cool off before returning to the intense heat. 

I'm not a big sea swimmer myself, but it's said to be an activity full of health benefits and so I made sure to take a couple of dips throughout the experience.

Overall, the Saltwater Sauna was a unique and tranquil experience, and one that I’d definitely love to re-live.

You can find the Saltwater Sauna at Sandbanks Beach in Poole