A VAN driver who told police it would be “harsh” to give him a ticket for parking on zig zag lines also had an expired MOT.

Dorset Police No Excuse officers came across a van parked unattended on zig zag lines next to a busy crossing in Charminster on Monday, May 9.

The driver returned a short while later and when officers asked for his driving licence, he said it would be “harsh” to give him a ticket as he “only popped into the shop”.

However, upon inspection it was also discovered the van’s MOT expired in March and the driver already had six points on his licence. Officers would ultimately give him another three points and a £200 fine.

A No Excuse spokesperson said: “Would you risk parking on zig zags when already on six points and no MOT? [This] could have been avoided with three marked parking areas available to park while we were there.”