A MAN from Bournemouth has appealed to the public for help to buy a “life-changing” new electric wheelchair, after being left paralysed from the waist down seven years ago. 

Dan White, of Bournemouth was knocked off his motorbike in 2015 and hopes to raise £20,000 for a new wheelchair which he said will "give him his life back”. 

Aged just 21 when the accident happened, Dan was knocked off his bike by a car, and left paralysed from the waist down.

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Seven years later and aged 28, Dan still struggles with day-to-day life. He has had to deal with painful pressure sores and even had to deal with broken kneecaps after carers dropped him.

Dan can only manage the best part of an hour out of bed each day – the rest of the time he is bed-bound.

He said: “I try to keep as busy as I can when out of bed, both mentally and physically. Taking my two dogs out is a big thing for me – they're my babies. 

“Both Marnie and Mayja have stopped me from having some real dark times – including suicidal thoughts.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Dan was in a coma in hospital. Credit Dan WhiteDan was in a coma in hospital. Credit Dan White

Dan hopes to raise enough money to buy a Quickie Q700-Up wheelchair – capable of elevating its user to a standing position – which he said would help him no end. “I will be able to stand up, take my dogs for a walk, do shopping and have freedom,” he added.  

“I won't have to phone up my parents and ask for their assistance. 

“I can finally have a parent relationship back rather than the carer relationship.” 

Standing up in the chair will also help with bowel functions, bladder functions, and stop muscle spasms. 

Bournemouth Echo: Dan with his parents. Credit Dan WhiteDan with his parents. Credit Dan White

Visibly excited at the idea of getting the chair, Dan said it would be like getting his life back. “The feeling of being able to stand up again, I'm not sure what it would feel like.  

“Three months after the crash I remember standing up aided feeling like the iron giant, miles above everyone else.  

“Imagine what it would feel like after seven years... I wouldn’t know. 

“I'm sure it will be an emotional rollercoaster as well as a milestone for me.” 

Dan ended with an appeal to people wishing to donate. He said: “If you can help in any way towards this chair, it's not just the appreciation or the gratitude I feel, you're essentially giving a boy his life back.” 

Donations can be made via his GoFundMe page or his JustGiving page