A POOR audio recording is the only version BCP Council holds over a meeting that had to be adjourned due to a “health and safety risk assessment”.

The local authority meeting at Bournemouth Town Hall on Tuesday, April 26, was adjourned midway through proceedings.

It is due to resume and be concluded on Tuesday, May 10, however, the details behind the reason for the halt have not been confirmed.

The council’s online stream of the meeting included poor audio, which made parts of the meeting impossible to follow.

Issues had previously been experienced when the council met at the BIC for social distancing purposes. These appear to have continued despite a return to the town hall chamber.

It has now come to light the local authority does not hold a back up recording of the proceedings.

In a statement to the Daily Echo, following a request for a full audio recording of the meeting, a BCP Council spokeswoman said: “We do not make a separate back up of the audio recording. Meetings are open to the public but are usually broadcast to YouTube and the recording is retained for a minimum of six months.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion the internal networks limited this connectivity and resulted in poor capture of some parts of the meeting and the public broadcast.

“We shall be reviewing the arrangements for the next meeting and will be implementing a new system when the refurbishment works to the council chamber are undertaken later in the year.”