SEVERAL new measures are being pushed for the A31 at Ringwood, including traffic light and speed camera provision to combat congestion and speeding.

During a meeting about the ongoing improvement works, representatives from National Highways, Hampshire County Council and Ringwood Town Council outlined plans to adapt and improve the road networks on and around the A31.

It was noted there has been continued reporting of motorists travelling at speeds of more than 30mph on local road networks such as Hightown Road, making it “dangerous to walk along due to narrow footpaths”.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture of A31 works: National HighwaysPicture of A31 works: National Highways

Police will apparently keep a “watching eye” on such instances however the deployment of cameras or camera vans on an ad-hoc basis was also called for. National Highways says it has asked police to provide some enforcement with a safety camera van and is making enquiries about use of a CCTV monitoring van.

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Also agreed was for more signage to discourage rat-running on Ringwood roads. National Highways said it would deploy signs to encourage vehicles to stay on A31 to reduce congestion on local road networks. This, however, had apparently been made harder with vehicle sat-navs “unnecessarily diverting drivers away from A31”.

One of the biggest challenges since the commencement of the works has been the huge congestion at Southampton Road towards the Poulner slip during peak travel times.

With the closure of the westbound slip road onto the A31 from the B3347 Mansfield Road, one of the few ways back onto the A31 is via Southampton Road.

Bournemouth Echo: National HighwaysNational Highways

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This route has been described as gridlocked at peak times, causing the officials to agree a temporary traffic light trial in a bid to ease congestion.

Temporary lights will be in operation at peak afternoon times on the junction of Southampton Road with Poulner slip road. No action will be taken at the junction of Eastfield Lane with the A31 westbound on-slip.

Lastly, plans are also being progressed to implement a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) at the junction of the A338 Salisbury Road and Northfield Road to prevent cars parking and adding to congestion, which has been an issue for nearby residents since the A31 works began.