CLOSE to 1,000 people have signed a petition to “stop over-development” and protect the panoramic views of Poole.

Parkstone resident Ashley Fraser started the ‘Save Sea View’ petition because “local people need their voices heard” over the increase of residential developments in the area implemented as part of the BCP Council’s ‘Big Plan’.

The petition’s ambition is to obtain a protected view status for the Constitution Hill viewpoint that would restrict the building height of new developments in Poole, protecting the views of places like Poole Harbour.

To do this, Ashley and more than 930 petitioners are calling on the council to issue a Supplementary Planning Document, which would formally outline the views in need of protection.

Bournemouth Echo: Sea View, otherwise known as Constitution Hill ViewpointSea View, otherwise known as Constitution Hill Viewpoint

Father of one, Ashley told the Echo he was inspired to take on the challenge to protect the views he has enjoyed since childhood.

He said: "Despite having a number of recognised viewpoints in Poole there is currently no specific policy that enables their protection locally.

The block of flats going up where The Sloop pub was will have a real impact. I was looking out and imagined its eventual height taken off into the horizon, if that happened what could we see? So many historical views would become invisible.

“With the Big Plan, the language is quite alarming. The repeated statement of creating a ‘cityscape’ is inappropriate for Poole. People move to Christchurch and Poole because they’re towns, not cities.

Bournemouth Echo: Petition to protect Sea View, otherwise known as Constitution Hill ViewpointPetition to protect Sea View, otherwise known as Constitution Hill Viewpoint

“The council’s stated ambitions for a ‘cityscape’ spell out potentially rapid character change in our neighbourhoods.

“Now more than ever, local people need their voices heard. The scrap of yellow paper on a lamp post from the council just won't do. If they won't up their game in telling residents about proposed changes in their area, then it’s down to people like me to use all tools at my disposal to get the word out.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “The existing Local Plan for Poole sets out policy around the development of tall buildings. This policy is what is applied to any new development in Poole, which includes any proposed tall building over six storeys.

“The council recently closed its pre-consultation prior to starting the process of developing a Draft Local Plan for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Part of this consultation asked for views on the development of tall buildings and the responses to this consultation are now being considered.

Bournemouth Echo: Impression of a Poole cityscape from Constitution Hill ViewpointImpression of a Poole cityscape from Constitution Hill Viewpoint

“No suggestion has been made about creating a ‘cityscape’ for Poole to date – the only current tall building ‘zone’ in the BCP region is in the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth.

“The council and the planning policy team will consider any petitions once presented.”

Despite the claim that “no suggestion has been made” about a ‘cityscape’ vision for Poole, several council communications refer to a ‘cityscape’ for the BCP region – but don't single out any individual area.

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