A MAN has described three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) he saw in the sky above Boscombe Pier as “metallic, silver and spinning”.

The resident, who does not wish to be named, was walking along the seafront from Southbourne to Boscombe Pier on Thursday, March 17, at around 10.30am when he noticed strange objects in the sky.

He told the Echo: “I noticed in the sky three bright, what looked like orange, lights approaching me head on from the west to the east quite low down. I thought they might be aircraft landing lights which seemed strange as it was blue sky and a sunny day.

Bournemouth Echo: Unidentified flying objects seen above Boscombe PierUnidentified flying objects seen above Boscombe Pier

“I decided to film the objects which moved in a group. Two then moved inland south to north. I found it hard see them on my phone and keeping them in focus. I concentrated on one of the objects which continued west to east into a cloud, it seemed to briefly slow down and pause and then go up into cloud and higher in the sky.

“I could not see it with my eyes and it seemed to have disappeared at this point and so I stopped recording. There was little wind on the day and I don't believe they were balloons.

“They were round in shape, metallic silver and spinning.”

A UFO is any perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained. On investigation, most UFOs are identified as known objects or atmospheric phenomena, while a small number remain unexplained.

Bournemouth Echo: Unidentified flying object seen above Boscombe PierUnidentified flying object seen above Boscombe Pier

The term didn't become common until the 1950s, but the first sighting of an unexplained flying object in Dorset was recorded on December 8, 1733.

Fleet resident Mr James Cracker saw a silvery disc fly overhead in broad daylight.

His eyewitness account said: “Something in the sky which appeared in the north but vanished from my sight, as it was intercepted by trees, from my vision. I was standing in a valley.

“The colour of this phenomenon was like burnished, or new washed silver. It shot with speed like a star falling in the night.”

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