As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, there have been continued calls to boycott the sale of Russian goods in the UK in hopes to apply more pressure on Putin's government to back down. 

Many major supermarkets have already made significant moves with Sainsbury's renaming the chicken kiev to chicken Kyivs, the preferred spelling of the Ukrainian name. 

However, not all supermarkets have made such significant moves as Sainsbury's, with many choosing to remove the Russian staple drink of vodka. 

As well as others still shelving the Russian produces but no longer buying from the nation instead. 

Here's a full list of what each supermarket has stopped selling from Russia. 


The brand has pledged to stop the selling of all products that are wholly from Russia. 

That includes two items they currently stock but have now been removed from shelves across the nation. 

Those products are the Russian Standard vodka and Karpayskiye black sunflower seed. 

Plus the brand also renamed the chicken Kive to chicken Kyiv. 


The budget-friendly supermarket most loved for their middle aisles has said they will stop selling all Russian source Vodka. 

Much of the store's products are not produced in Russia but they have committed over five million euros to Ukraine. 


Morrisons have also joined other supermarkets in their support for Ukraine with the stopping of selling Russian Standard vodka in stores. 


The sister brand to John Lewis is no longer selling Russian-produced products like vodka and a line of pizza over pellets.


Elsewhere Tesco is no longer buying products from businesses that are wholly Russian-owned.