GREASE most certainly was the word at Bournemouth's Pavilion Theatre, as Swish of the Curtain Theatre School staged this year's production – its adaptation of the ever popular musical.

Slick as ever, the evening was packed with upbeat, energetic dance routines, and powerful vocal performances, making it easy to forget that this is an entirely youth cast.

The story surely needs no introduction – the timeless, romantic tale where "boy and girl meet", overcoming the obstacles to find love. It's such an iconic film that there are big shoes to fill when taking on these larger than life characters.

But the casting was spot on – Carenza Burt was just flawless as the demure, innocent Sandy, showcasing her stunning, pure singing voice, with a helping of sass for the the last couple of numbers. At just 14 years old, Lewis Simmons looked a little on the young side to play Danny, but such was his confidence and ease on stage, matched with an incredible vocal talent, that he brought the character to life perfectly.

Pietro Andreotti was effortlessly cool as Kenickie, while mention must also go to the beautiful vocals of both Oliver Payne as Doody and James Clark as Roger.

The Pink Ladies were, of course, fabulous, with each getting the chance to showcase their impressive talents – the stand-out performance going to Paola Snyder as Rizzo with There Are Worse Things I Could Do.

Dominic Wells was also wonderfully suave as Vince/Teen Angel, but from the principal characters right down to the littlest T-bird mini-me, every single one of the youngsters on stage brought huge smiles and an infectious energy, which all contributed to a show-stopping performance.

Yet another triumph for Swish.