A TUCKTON resident was almost hit by flying masonry, as a building wall fell down just before he walked past.

The wall fell down next to the Flat White café on Saxonbury Road.

The man’s partner said: “A wall has fallen in Tuckton and bricks are flying everywhere. My partner was nearly hit.”

The man who asked only to be named as Will said: “A bit of tile or masonry missed me by a couple of feet.

“I think it was a bit of tile. I was walking and it hit the ground a couple of feet away from me and I turned round and it was smashed on the floor. It was very windy.”

The broken wall was also noticed by other Tuckton residents on social media:

Will, who is also a weather enthusiast said the weather is causing ‘mayhem’ in the Christchurch and Tuckton area.

He said: “A boat capsized on the river by Christchurch Boating Services, the whole of the quomps area is flooded and there is a big branch across the front of Christchurch band stand.”