A NEW permanent, outdoor 3D projector has been installed in the centre of Boscombe.

Bournemouth Coastal BID, in partnership with Bournemouth Towns Fund have installed the first permanent outdoor 3D Projection Mapping System for the high-street, in the UK.

The new projector faces the building opposite the Sovereign centre and will show a display based on Boscombe every day, until 8pm.

The first viewing of the display was held on February 10 at 6.15pm outside the Sovereign Centre entrance on Boscombe precinct.

At the viewing, Bournemouth Coastal BID Manager, Fiona McArthur said: "Bournemouth Coastal BID are very proud to be able to bring this to Boscombe. Boscombe is becoming known for an arty and a cultural destination within Bournemouth and we thought this would add to that.

"The best thing about it is that we have different shows planned throughout the year, in the evening we have the capability of showing live sport, so we can project it onto the side of the building. We're really lucky to be able to do this, our traders are all behind us and we've been working in fantastic partnership with Bournemouth Towns Fund, to be able to come up with this concept and install it into the area."

Councillor Jane Kelly said: "This is an absolutely fantastic thing that's happening in Boscombe it's going to really bring people here to see us and make us an iconic part of the BCP area and it really echoes the quirky and interesting ethic that we have in Boscombe. Its absolutely brilliant to keep that vibe going."

Board chairman at Bournemouth Coastal BID, Paul Clark said: "The main reason is obviously to continue the regeneration of the local area, it's something that's unique, it's the only fixed camera in the UK that does this, we've had a lot of interest in working with the local universities and colleges.

"From a digital point of view, we can do whatever we want with it and we can create an environment throughout the year on key days to encourage people to come along and have something different to look at so its really exciting."

Councillor Philip Broadhead, cabinet member for development, growth and regeneration said: "What I like about this is that it's regeneration that people can see, so when you think about regeneration a lot of people think buildings and refurbishment and new pavements but actually if you really want to revitalise an area it's about things to do, activities, things to draw people in.

"We've got the £22 million grant from the government as part of the Boscombe towns fund and were using some of this money as part of this project, so that while we're focussing on these long term plans, we can get some real activity in the area and positivity in the mean time."

New free wifi has recently been installed on Boscombe high street. Speaking about the Council's other short term plans for the area, Councillor Broadhead said: "This is a joint project with the Coastal BID so it's helping businesses to bring people into the area, as well as being something for residents to do.

"We've got lots of short term things as well as the long term ones, we've now got free superfast wifi all the way through the main Boscombe precinct, which we will be extending soon all the way through to Pokesdown Station, we've also got the forthcoming refurbishment of Pokesdown station with the news lifts coming in, as well as some of the inmediate plans for community centres, so a tremendous amount going on and Boscombe's the place to be."