Sometimes it’s the unexpected that brings that extra bit of magic.

We had just enjoyed a sublime performance from soloist Federico Colli on Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 4, which received a thunderous response.

But Colli wasn’t quite finished.

His encore was something equally dazzling.

The Italian delivered a four minute, rip-roaring, jazzed up, Scott Joplin-style version of Mozart’s much loved Rondo Alla Turca.

The audience instantly broke into a huge collective smile in the total joy of the moment.

If a Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra audience can be described as going wild, well it went wild.

It was an absolutely delightful bonus in an evening at Lighthouse that a featured a trio of giants on the programme.

The opening, Wagner’s Tannhauser Overture, from his 'Grand Romantic Opera' made the hairs on the back of the neck stand up within a few seconds and a dozen goosebump moments from those glorious, exultant soaring strings.

The second half was taken up with Dvorak’s beautiful, intricate, joyful and compelling 8th Symphony, which swept up and carried away the audience with its cheerfulness and optimism.

Guest conductor Case Scaglioni was an absolute magician of a maestro, with his baton as wand, seemingly casting spells here there and everywhere with the players.

Together they produced a truly spellbinding evening with a little help from Signor Colli.