While you might have Valentine’s Day on your mind, another celebration that will soon be here is Easter.

As a tradition, lots of chocolate is consumed on these days and we’re not complaining.

Each year there seems to be even more chocolate on offer in the shops and you can grab it well in advance of the celebrations.

If you’re looking for a new Easter egg to try this year, we have you covered.

Bournemouth Echo: Myprotein x Hotel Chocolat Easter egg (Myprotein)Myprotein x Hotel Chocolat Easter egg (Myprotein)

Myprotein and Hotel Chocolat have joined forces to create a limited-edition Easter egg this year.

The Easter egg is made up of 78% dark chocolate and contains 44g of Whey Protein Isolate.

It doesn’t stop there. The egg comes with two of Myprotein’s Hotel Chocolat Layered Protein Bars all for £19.99.

So when can you buy the limited-edition Easter egg?

Customers can buy the Easter egg from the end of March on the Myprotein website.

Alternatively, customers can pre-order it online now.

To pre-order the Easter egg, you can visit the Myprotein website here.