SOME of the thousands of people who worked at Barclays House in the 46 years since it opened have been sharing their memories.

As revealed in the Daily Echo, Barclays is to move out of the Poole landmark this year, with the majority of jobs to be moved to Bournemouth but 50 to be laid off.

The building was HQ for 2,500 staff at its peak, employing many local school leavers as well as staff who relocated in waves from London.

Public relations consultant Darren Northeast, who worked in Barclays from 1987-1990, said: "I feel gutted that Barclays will be leaving this building It's been part of the very essence of Poole for so many years.

“This building holds so many special memories for me, and to do this day I still say that Barclays helped shape the person I am today. Great company to work for, and an absolutely iconic building that will be sadly missed."

Claire Hansford said she made “many wonderful friends” during 15 years at Barclays that that its closure “really does feel like the end of an era”.

Tracey Drudge called it a “very sad day for Poole”. “Twenty-four years spent in the ‘Big House’ – lots of friends and memories made,” she said.

Liane Watson said: “I met so many lifelong friends in my 16 years at Barclays House – such happy memories.”

Sarah Le Petit said: “What a shame. This holds so many wonderful memories for me and so many others.

“All the floors used to be occupied and thriving with activity. It was a great place to work.

“I hope it becomes something amazing for the community to use and brings people into Poole.”

Contributors to the Daily Echo Facebook page also shared their memories of the building, which one likened to a giant “twin pack of toilet rolls”.

One wrote: “My dad was brought down from London in the mid-1970s to work there. I don’t think it was even finished, as he started in the building that is now LV=.

“I remember going to Christmas parties for the employees’ children on the top floors.”

Another said: “I loved working there and am really sad to see it come to an end. I still have a lot of friends working there and my thoughts go out to them right now.”

Another contributor said: “I worked for 23 years at Barclays House before retiring 15 years ago. It was the happiest time of my life. I loved my job and worked my way up in better jobs, starting in reprographics. Another chapter has come to an end.”