TRAFFIC police seized a vehicle for having no insurance, stopped another driver for a “dangerous defect” and caught to people driving under the influence of cannabis,

Dorset Traffic Cops stopped the motorists during a busy shift on Tuesday.

A spokesperson said: “Our early team were able to seize a vehicle for having no insurance in the Poole area, prohibit another for a dangerous defect and assist our Highways England colleagues on the A31 all before lunch time

“When the late team hit the roads we spread across the county, but before one office could get out of Poole they were drawn to a car that pulled in front of them at a junction.

“We checked this out to find the car had no MOT for over a month. The driver left with advice on their driving to accompany a £100 fixed penalty ticket.

“We then pointed towards the Dorchester area where we quickly identified a 4x4 travelling very briskly on the #A35 Puddletown Bypass.

“The driver received fine a £100 fine and three points for his 93mph efforts.

“A short time later in the Boscombe area, another of our team stopped a small hatchback we had information was being driven by an impaired driver.

“It was spot on as the driver tested positive for cannabis. They were taken to our place for blood sampling and await the results.

“Not long after that, another of our team was checking speeds on the A35 Upton Bypass when a black saloon blurred past us at 96mph.

“We caught and stopped the vehicle at a nearby petrol station but found the drivers behaviour in light of the circumstance to be odd.

“We requested a saliva sample and they tested positive for cannabis too. They joined the previous individual in our custody and have a wait to see which offence they could be banned for.”