It's been longer than 18 months since the residents of Poole witnessed the end of the town’s long-term relationship with a much-loved retail giant.

Marks & Spencer store in the Dolphin Centre closed their doors for the last time on January 8, 2022, much to the disappointment of customers and locals.

The store first opened in Poole in 1971 when the shopping complex was just two years old and called the Arndale Centre.

The branch was more than double the size of its predecessor at 105-107 High Street.

Arndale Centre in Poole, Circa 1972 G Austin.

Arndale Centre in Poole, Circa 1972.

A name change was in store for the Arndale Centre as a £7m revamp of the whole complex was planned for 1988.

The refurbished Dolphin Centre, with new escalators and panoramic lift, was opened in 1989.

M&S in recent times.

Marks & Spencer in recent times.

But now, more than 50 years after opening in the shopping complex, Marks & Spencer have closed for the final time. All we have left are the memories, some purchases and these pictures.