The new Vortex Plus air fryer is officially out on shelves now and promises to beat any other air cooking product. 

With technology that removes any odour helping your home stay smelling clean and fresh and making it the first-ever air fryer to do be able to release no smell. 

Plus it has dual drawers, which also makes it the only air fryer to do so and it even allows you to monitor the cooking too. 

You don't even need to worry about one draw finishing cooking first, as there's an option to ensure both cook simultaneously. 

The Vortex Plus also has an EvenCrisp technology that allows you to create a perfect crunch using 95% less oil than a typical crisp technology.  

The air fryer can cook up to eight servings and has eight different functions including, air fry, bake, grill, dehydrate, roast, reheat, SynchCook, and Synch Finish. 

It's available in either black (£199.99) or stainless steel (£219.99). 

You can buy it now via the Instant Brands website and get 10% off your first order.